Insights & Inferences

  • Provide service to train and build custom insights and inference models tailored to specific data sets and business processes

  • Provide analytics and visualization dashboards as tangible touchpoints to enable decision-making in active business process deployments  

  • Provide marketing and design guidelines for business launch in the biotechnology and healthcare domains

Engineering at Scale

  • System design for connectivity and automation of large-scale complex business processes

  • Development of  highly scalable software systems

  • System and platform integration consultancy

Drug Discovery & Healthcare

Discovery Phase

  • Identification of potential targets based on molecular mechanisms and network analysis

  • Identification of potential biomarkers for patient stratification, diagnosis, and drug efficacy markers.

  • General data analysis and systems analysis service in the biomedical domain

Translational Phase

  • Computational prediction of drug efficacy

  • Computational analysis of possible indications for a candidate compound

  • Computational identification of possible biomarkers for patient stratification

  • Computational analysis of drug combination discovery, partner selection, and indication identification

Clinical Trials & Post-marketing

  • Research on next-generation medical devices and packaging

  • Strategies for increasing drug compliance in clinical trials as well as post-marketing

  • Integrated systems design and analysis for next-generation healthcare delivery solutions​

  • Intelligent solutions for clinical trial monitoring and management

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